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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 24, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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cheerleader. [laughter] all right, excellent. thanks so much for doing this with us. >> thank you. >> and on the next "daytime" we're going to talk to tyler perry about his new "boo." the news is next. bye-bye. right now on news channel 8 today at 11:00. the race for the white house is heading through the bay area today. donald trump coming to tampa this evening. we'll show you where and when he'll be here. questions surrounding the warner. why some believe it won't go through. and what companies are promising the deal will mean for you in the future. and go cubs go. my goodness. what a party in the windy city. the loveable losers as they call them are flying the w high and proud this morning. how fans are relishing the win and looking ahead to an hi tore an historic world series. i'm melanie michael in for gene
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election day around the corner. and the final push is on. today donald trump will be in tampa. the republican presidential nominee crisscrossing florida over the next three days. tonight he's scheduled to speak to supporters at the mid florida credit union amphitheater at the florida state grounds. ryan hughes is there this morning on the campaign trail. with just two weeks to go until election day, donald trump is taking his tour through florida here to the mid amphitheater where he'll speak tonight at 7:00. he was in naples in southwest florida last night. >> if we win on november 8th, we're going to fix our rigged system. it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. it's rigged. it's broken. it's corrupt. they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folks, it's a rigged system. >> that's been donald trump's consistent message about the election in our voting system.
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his rally at the fairgrounds where they heard that. if elected, trump claims he'll also seek congressional term limits, put in place a federal employee hiring freeze and ramp up illegal immigration enforcement. he told the crowd he plans to sue those women who came forward and accused him of sexual assault and misconduct. recent poles show hillary clinton is up by 10 points nationally. trump's campaign manager acknowledges it's an uphill battle. >> we're behind. she has $66 in ad buys in the month of september. most of the ads are negative against donald trump. classic politics of personal destruction,. >> the rally gets under way at 7:00. back to you. all right ryan. thank you. by the way, speaking of donald trump, he is famous for his use of twitter. and this morning the new york times ran a rare two-page story with a list of every person,
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insulted. the times has been keeping this running list for sometime but decided to publish it for the first time today. hillary clinton also know focusing on florida in the final stretch of the campaign. she's set to attend a get out and vote rally in hillsborough. over the weekend, she campaigned in north carolina. in one speech, she criticized trump's reaction on how he would take the results of the election. >> you know, because to say you won't respect the results of the election, threat to our democracy. >> it was like he got to the end of the campaign. >> clinton's running mate tim kaine is campaigning in florida. he was in gainesville yesterday and will be in miami and palm beach later today. early voting got under way a few hours ago in the bay area. and we're hearing from many news channel 8 viewers anxious to know where to vote early. meredith has that covered for you. >> you can vote in seven tampa
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hillsborough, pinellas, and polk. voting under way there. in hernando, manatee, sarasota, and citrus counties. now, on saturday, early voting will begin in pasco, hardy, and highlands counties. here's what you need to bring with you. a valid photo id. such as a driver's license, passport, military id or student id. if your picture id does not have your signature on it, you'll need additional identification with credit card. also, make sure all of your voter registration information is updated. including your address. if you have moved to a new home or a new county within florida, notify the supervisor of elections in your new county. and you can update all of that information online. now, we've posted locations, hours of early voting sites, at everything you need is right
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news channel 8. thank you meredith for the information. in the show down of american politics, there's no doubt donald trump has created a new kind of political wave. and today the pew research center and the university of tampa be host what should be an interesting discussion on the origins and future of trumpism in american politics. this is going to be held at the university of tampa in the vaughn center at 4:00 p.m. it's free and open to the public. st. petersburg to get to the bottom of that sewage spill scandal. this centers on the release of millions of gallons of waste water into tampa bay after herr hermine. a consultant report in 2014 warned of sewage spills if the city closed the treatment plant. the plant was closed despite the report. saint pete's mayor and city council claim they never saw the report. but former mayor bill foster
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attention. i'm not going to blame the administration or city council, somebody wasn't paying attention. >> in all, more than 148 million-gallons of waste water has been dumped into the bay. time is 11:06. we're joining lee with a gorgeous look at our forecast. i'm not sure we can top this weekend. but i think we're going to try. >> we're going to try, we live in florida. some people might have thought it was cool yesterday morning. today we're a little warmer. but just as little bit of a vacation from having to track any rainfall. i tell you what, it's scanning the skies, a million watts of power. still, no rain. this just proves it when you look out of a live shot from inness brook golf resort in palm harbor, we just made it out of the southeast. it's 71 degrees. it's gorgeous out there. 66 in zephyr hills. 72 fish hawk. as far as the difference between yesterday and today,
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lake land is 4 degrees warmer. plant city is 2 degrees warmer. but this is close to average for late october. and that's pleasant. through the rest of the week, a gradual increase in temperatures and humidity. but it is slight. so that we added very small rain chances starting on thursday. i'll have those rain chances and the temperatures, coming up. >> two thumbs up. we love that forecast. >> happening right now, jury selection is under way in the trial of a local rapper caught on camera kicking a fan. you may now facing a battery charge for this video. it shows him at a concert in lake land last summer kicking a woman. he claims it's in self defense because that woman he says was tugging on his pants. a man accused of killing a local teacher and seriously injuring another was in court this morning for a pretrial hearing. bryce mcleod is now facing dui manslaughter charges. investigators claim he was driving drunk when he ran a red light and hit a car in pinellas
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died in this crash. her friend, meanwhile, sean hen sean henkins was seriously injured. he's recovering and expected to go back to work soon. there are questions today about the mega merger between at&t and time warner. it's an 85 billion-dollar deal. it would bring together at&t's wireless, broad band and satellite tv services with time warner properties like hbo, cnn and warner two members of the senate's anti trust subcommittee are concerned that the deal raises entry trust issues. the morning the ceo's of both companies talked about this deal. >> it's not really selling. it's joining. and so this is our biggest customer. it's our biggest partner. and what it allows us to do is move faster with more innovation, better consumer offerings, more different price points. >> i think you're going to see
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of delivering meaningful premium content to the customer on mobile devices. that pace of innovation is what's going to change. >> some experts say the deal could improve prices as at&t will be a supplier of content. well, her house was filled with sewage. it was a stinky mess. and she claims it was the city's fault. coming up, she knew she better call behnken. ahead, we'll explain the deal that's been struck and how the city is promising to make things better. plus, you know all weekend long. cubs fans still celebrating this morning as their team is headed to the world series. so exciting for them. coming up next, you have to hear how much tickets are selling for this upcoming big
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. sy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families, it's time for a new state attorney. what an exciting weekend
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division battle this morning. only a half game out of first place. jameis winston threw three touchdown passes. rogers ran for 154-yards to help the bucks pick up a tough road win against the 49ers yesterday. 34-17. and it's a great win. the bucks are 3 and 3. and next sunday they'll host the raiders at ray jay. exciting times ahead. here's something we don't see often. a tie in the nfl. last night on sunday night football on news channel played a 6-6 tie. it's called either the best game or the worst game of the season as both teams struggled to score. even missing a chip shot field goal. several of them actually. but the major sports story from the weekend is the cubs win. it's so exciting to see a team go to the playoffs. beating the dodgers to advance to the world series for the first time in 71 years. and you better believe cubs
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morning. world series merchandise as you might expect. flying off the shelves right now. everyone wants a piece of history. jeremy ross shows us how crazy cub fever has gotten. >> if the party from saturday night ended, no one told the crush of fans outside wrigley field. hundreds take pictures and celebrate in front of the nl champs marquis, generations of fans until now, only dreamt of doing this. >> everybody's excited. into sales. >> who's next? >> inside sports world chicago. bradley roczen would tell us about demand. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> but he has nothing to compare this weekend's sales to. >> an average sunday in october has been 0. so this is a billion percent higher. >> some stores around wrigley are so packed it can be difficult to get through the aisles. the business is telling us they're having difficulty unpacking items to put on display before they're sold. >> it's crazy.
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shelves. >> don't have time for shelves. we throw it on tables they're grabbing it right off of there. >> we've sold a lot of hats. >> and i have a cubs hat. >> what is it about the hats that everybody needs a hat? >> a hat is something you can keep longer than a t-shirt. >> these are the fitted ones with the world series logos on the side. >> this gets covered up as it gets colder, the hat, you always see the hat. >> she's surrounded by the bags of gear they received saturday morning with gold buying into the playoff run. >> we get people from tokyo, ukraine. a priceless memory for many. sales for tales. merchandise for the masses. good stuff. you have to get a hat, right? those are always in style.
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average price of -- the later games are selling for much more than that. if you've been cheated when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. >> when a largo family first turned to 8 on your side, their home was a mess. the city workers flooded it with three inches of sewage. and that's when they knew they better call behnken. now shannon shows us there's progress toward this stinky mess and situation. >> i tucked the wires in the wall. i put my granddaughter's picture over it. >> she wants her house back after city workers flooded it with three inches of raw sewage. >> none of the wood work is done. >> now she's one step closer since the city of largo approved a cash settlement. >> i'm glad to be done with the city. i'm glad to be done with the beurocracy of that. that's destroyed. i had to glue that back
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than $130,000 to the balls and their neighbors to fix the homes. >> do you think you'll have enough money from the settlement to fix the house the way it needs to be done. >> ball is far from satisfied. >> they destroyed our home. >> but the home looks a lot better since she first turned to 8 on your side in september. back then she felt the city had forgotten her. the director of largo's human resources department tells me that's not the case money to put the house back together? >> i do. we did as much double checking as possible with those values. >> a horrible accident, workers cleaned sewage lines, a back up happened and the sewage flowed toward the homes instead of the manhole. >> what are you doing to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> environmental services is taking a good look at
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lowest point of property is. >> ball worries about the aging sewage system. and wants reassurance this won't happen to her or anyone else ever again. >> they have to get themselves together. they have to figure out where their problems are. >> the balls plan to use their settlement money to repair the home and sell it and start over somewhere else. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. if you have a problem that needs solving, better call behnken, the number behnken. a couple job fairs. one at the holiday inn next to tia on west shore the tampa bay job and career fair from now until 2:00 this afternoon. good news here, no preregistration is needed and the admission is free. seminole hard rock hotel and casino also holding a job fair today. it's happening until 2:00 p.m. as well. held at the hard rock cafe. they're looking to fill 200 positions. everything from slot technicians to marketing
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you may want to consider buying some nestle crunch bars. the crunch bars are the top pick for trick or treaters in the state of florida. candy corn is the most popular halloween candy in most states. and the candy pulling the highest total number of votes was, wait for it, drum roll, reese's peanut butter cups. >> i put in two votes for that. one for the peanut butter and one for the chocolate. >> my all time and i'm an almond joy girl. >> i'll give you all my almond joys. >> and i'll give you all my peanut butter cups. >> we are get trick or treaters together. we have great weather out there. really transitioning into the fall season. max defender 8 scanning across the tampa bay area from the gulf of mexico right through i- 4 and all the way over toward the east coast. and not finding any rain.
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there. we've completely transitioned our atmosphere. there's low humidity. temperatures are even cooler than average. lake club and lake wood ranch, 71 degrees. and the palm trees are swaying a bit. feeling nice out there. we'll be at 77 degrees by 1:00 p.m. making it up to 81. that's still below average at 4:00. that's going to be about our high temperature. but very comfortable. sunny skies. pleasantly cool. the sunsets relatively early now. it will be back do number is right. it's not 54 degrees there. we'll have to check that. 74 sea bring. these are closer to what everyone is feeling. 72 in clear water. and there's a breeze. it's not the strong winds that we had throughout the weekend. especially on saturday. i wanted to let you know, the winds are coming from the northeast. but they're any where from 5 to 10 miles per hour sustained winds.
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placid, gusting higher than that. but it's a breeze other than a knock you downwind. so it's refreshing. not as chilly as it was this time yesterday. high pressure will stay in control. get the clockwise winds around it. light breeze, clear skies. the same high pressure over the coming days, it's going to slowly start to push farther and farther east. now remember the clockwise wind flow means that over time the winds start coming out of the east and the southeast. that's why we'll gradually increase any means. just a little higher humidity. that means a few extra clouds through the next couple days. temperatures also coming up. but just great to be outside today. 81 degrees. lots of sunshine. for tonight, dropping down to 63 degrees. you'll wake up on tuesday morning, again, not quite as cool, even like this morning. that continues to be the trend. 83 tomorrow afternoon. 85 for wednesday and thursday. and as i mentioned, that
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temperatures get warmer and we added a small rain chance. but this is the week we've been waiting for all summer long, right? it's like the banner weather. and i love that 0%, 0%, 0%. that's good stuff. thank you lee. there's no end to the memes surrounding the presidential election. it's one of those things that keeps going on and on. coming up, we'll show you the highlight's of saturday night live's portrayal of the most
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us.
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as we countdown to the election, nbc's hit show, saturday night live continues to poke fun at both of the presidential candidates in the race. over the weekend, of course, the show opened with a sketch, an unforget about one on the final presidential debate. take a look. >> in the first debate, i set the table, in the second
11:26 am
and tonight, i feast. >> i'm growing to start this debate in the quietest voice possible. in the past i have been big and loud. but tonight, i am a sweet little baby trump. >> oh my goodness. once again, alec baldwin portrayed donald trump clinton. and tom hanks played chris wallace. at one point, trump bingo is introduced. >> she wants open borders. and that is crazy. people are just pouring into this country from mexico and a lot of them are very bad hombres. >> bingo, bingo, i got bingo. i've been playing all year. and i got it.
11:27 am
miss piggy they're all living in hell and if she wasn't my daughter. both candidates fair game on snl every week on saturday nights. 11:30 here on news channel 8. coming up in the new half hour, we'll show you how police departments are working on new cases and making deals on craig's list showing people how they need to protect themselves. how the cops are helping out. pinellas county is pulling out the stops to bring tourists to tampa bay. still ahead, the places
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means
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rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida. vote yes on amendment 1-for the sun. z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy right now on news channel 8 today at 11:00. pressing for answers. bay area leaders questioning the sewage spill after hurricane hermine. could it have been avoided? and how much will it cost the city of saint pete? donald trump campaigning in tampa tonight. we're looking ahead to that as he falls behind in the race for the white house. and a big push under way to
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but where tourism officials are hoping to bring those visitors, it might surprise you. good morning everyone. i'm melanie michael. gene and stacy have the morning off. thanks for joining us. happening at this hour in st. petersburg, city leaders are meeting to try to get to the bottom of a real stinky mess and we mean really stinky. millions of gallons of sewage that poured out of a waste water holding tank during hurricane hermine flowed into tampa bay. new's channel has been following the story all morning. leaders say they never saw the warnings that this could happen. but we know that's not true, correct? >> they actually still maintain they did not see the reports. and they grilled the consulting firms that were hired to produce the reports and examine the city's sewage and waste water problems. now today, various consulting firms explain their involvement in regards to waste water and sewage studies. representatives from brown and caldwell claimed information
11:32 am
2014 report. council members maintain that information was only shared with staff members in the storm water department and not with the entire city council. >> this report that we're talking about was 2014. when i voted no, it was 2011 because there was a previous report they didn't give to us. this was a culture of withholding information. and we're going to make the decision ourselves. >> now going forward, wants to make sure every council member is aware of important information like this. he wants to make sure it's included in the contracts that the city signs with these consulting firms that all of that important information is disseminated with all members of city council. >> you know those neighbors will be happy to hear it. it's been a real headache and a real mess for them. mary maguire live for us. thank you. on the campaign trail, donald trump is headed back to the bay area.
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he's spending three days campaigning in the sunshine state. beginning in naples yesterday. he'll be in st. augustine before coming to speak at the mid florida credit union amphitheater tonight. then tomorrow, another busy schedule. he's off to sanford and tallahassee. in 16 days, we're going to win the great state of florida. and we are going to win back the white house. >> the latest pole out shows that trump with a mountain to climb down by 12 points and democrats say the election may be closer than the pole is actually showing. edward lawrence has both sides covering in the campaign trail today. >> reporter: hillary clinton at a north carolina early voter event stayed on the message democrats want to use to sway undecided voters. >> this is not like anybody else who's ever run for president who has demonstrated unequivocally that he is
11:34 am
president and commander in chief of the united states of america. president obama at an event in las vegas kept the same theme in his speech. the president saying donald trump does not have what it takes to do his job. >> donald trump's all ready talking about how the game's rigged. i got to say, that means he's losing. >> trump didn't shy away or back down on his claims. in fact, he >> they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folks, it's a rigged system. and we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington dc. >> that message resonates with his supporters in florida. >> i just think that it's rigged as far as the media making people believe that she's all ready won. >> now, trump needs undecided voters to believe it. and believe he can be the one to make real change.
11:35 am
washington. speaking of the campaign trail, early voting got under way just a few hours ago across much of the bay area. you can vote in hillsborough, pinellas, polk, and hernando, manatee, sarasota, and citrus counties. on saturday, early voting will begin in pasco, hardy, and highlands counties. by the way, we have locations and hours of early voting sites listed on our website at and remember, this is very important. you'll need to bring a valid photo id with your picture on in the bay area today. this morning he attended an early voting kickoff with his supporters in hillsborough county. >> i think it's important for people to vote. literally, early on in this process it will take a couple minutes. it's an important election. today is the start of it in every county in florida. it's time to get out and vote. >> rubio is hoping to keep his seat in the senate. it's a nail biter for him.
11:36 am
today shows marco rubio leading patrick murphy by 2 points. 44% to 42%. a quinnipiac university pole released last week shows rubio with a 2-point lead in a statistical tie. he's headed to brayden on the where he'll host a round table discussion to talk about the heroin epidemic plaguing florida. they'll be speaking at manatee ri now. manatee county has been hit the hardest by the heroin epidemic in the state. family and friends of a tow tuck operator hit and killed by a drunk driver almost two weeks ago held a special event in his memory. more than 50 tow truck drivers joined troy maguire's family during a procession on sunday. he was a driver with sun point towing working on i-75 when he was hit and killed. his coworkers are hoping
11:37 am
move over law before someone else is hurt. >> it wasn't nice, you know. it's a shame that we get up early in the morning and go on calls and we don't know if we're coming back home to our families or not. because of drunk drivers. >> the suspect in this case, 44- year-old gregory miller of lakewood ranch faces dui charges. he's being held in the hillsborough county jail with no bond. time now, 11:37 on this beautiful monday. i tell you what, it doesn't get much better than this. if you're thinking this looks eventsome. >> this is the picture perfect weather. i would come down. max defender 8 not finding any rainfall at is this point. it's sending you the all clear. we'll take a look out. very little in the way of cloud cover either. this is a look from the freedom plaza in sun city center. it's at 79 degrees. a nice north breeze at 3 to 4 miles per hour. but the humidity down to 37%.
11:38 am
recently. that's really why it feels more like fall. 73 in plant city. tampa's up to 74. 71 in brooksville. i expect us to still be below average today. the average is 83. i'm expecting 81. we stays in the 70s all day yesterday. an eight-day temperature trend. the average is 83. we're getting the a okay from emoji man. 81 today. tomorrow 83, then 85 wednesday and thursday. notice we stay right at i'll let you know about any rain chances and if we see an increase in humidity coming up melanie. pinellas county is going to bring an all out push to bring more foreign tourists to the bay area. an ad campaign is in full swing thousands of miles from tampa bay, the big question, who are we trying to sell on our sunshine state? news 10's ryan hughes shows us the three places where pinellas is betting big. >> they're spending a lot of
11:39 am
for people in the united kingdom. ireland, and scandinavia, this is a vacation hot spot. >> they like the americanness of this destination. we really don't ask them to define that. because they have this idea of what it means to be american. >> for decades, pinellas county marketed itself to europe. now it's spending 1.5 million tax dollars to continue that push with the emphasis on the uk. >> the uk is our number one international market. 25% of the people who come to saint pete clear water are international visitors and the uk leads the list. >> st. petersburg clear water visitors bureau director tells us 50,000 britts visit the united states every year. the average stay is two weeks. in february, the cvb does a massive take over in the uk with television spots promoting pinellas as well as print ads on double decker buses and inside subway stations. research shows visitation from
11:40 am
from 2010 to 2015. it's expected to go up another 3.5% next year. >> it's a very important factor here in pinellas, and also all of florida. and with the influx of tourists from over seas, it will help us a lot. >> his company thrives when tourists comicalling. they supply bakeries with the ingredients they need. he's counting on the county >> we've been successful in attracting tourists. and it's been a good year too. >> a sentiment he and others want to see go on for years to come as people visit pinellas from all over the world. in clear water, ryan hughes, news channel 8. we say come visit, you saw lee's forecast. it's perfect here. the executive director tells us the county faces competition with other international sites like dubai off the eastern
11:41 am
making deems online nowadays is extremely popular. but when you meet up with strangers, it can be dangerous, how police are helping you keep safe during the exchanges. also ahead, the life saving benefits of green tea. it can do so much for the body. and now there's new research being done right here in tampa bay to help reduce the risk of
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11:43 am
11:44 am
it's so popular these days. buying and options for us. but it can also be more dangerous when you're dealing with transactions like craigs list .to help keep you safe police departments are setting up what they call safe exchange zones. carrie sanders shows us. buying and selling on the internet. so easy until it's time for that in person exchange with a stranger. >> a stabbing just occurred 1620 green place.
11:45 am
>> a female stating to her call taker that she's been cut by another female. >> 26-year-old michelle wilkins seven months pregnant met this woman offering free babies clothes on craigs list. without warning, that stranger from the ad pulled a knife, attacked michelle. and killed her unborn child. u.s. marine lieutenant colonel carl almost died when he was shot during a craig's list transaction. the gunman in that south away. >> you're charged with count one, attempting a specified felony which could result in death. >> incidents like these have police nationwide setting up e commerce exchange zones. it's a simple idea. a seller meets a buyer in a designated spot in front of the police department. here in st. augustine florida, all the transactions are on camera. so if a criminal were so brazen
11:46 am
unblinking eye of law enforcement. >> i think the criminal's will think twice about coming up here and trying to do a transaction. especially if they're here for no good. >> in a safe exchange zone in new jersey. >> i'm so sorry,. >> it's okay hon. >> a famed transaction for freshly baked cupcakes. >> they don't look anything like the picture. >> for diane, who buys and sells two or three times a week online, a police department parking lot >> i think it's safer for everybody else. >> e commerce, what begins online now with that final exchange in a safe zone. carrie sanders, nbc news, st. augustine florida. and here at 11:47, hard to get a prettier picture than this. the nissan in venice, a few high thin clouds made for a pretty sunrise, we hit 73 degrees with north winds at 75
11:47 am
the job. but its job right now is to tell you just how clear everything is. i think we'll take that. we'll break down the rest of the day. nice around 1:00 p.m. temperatures will start to climb up now. it will take us a while to get out of the 60s and into the 70s. but we'll be around 77 degrees at 1:00 p.m. an afternoon high of 82. that's still below average. but it's mild and sunny. warmer than yesterday. pleasantly cool by 7:00 p.m. at 76. remember that the sun does set in tampa, you hit 74. 72 in lake land. north part, you're at 73. and this is a little warmer than this time yesterday. you'll notice the trend all week long. 24 hours ago in tampa, you're 3 degrees cooler. brandon and lake land, 4 degrees warmer than you were lunch time for sunday. 2 degrees warmer in clear water. here's the long range forecast, high pressure is helping to keep us with sunny, clear, pleasant conditions through the day today.
11:48 am
of high pressure. so as that high moves out over the atlantic, we're going to gradually build back in some humidity. because the winds will come off the atlantic. it's not going to go to uncomfortable levels. it's been extremely dry this weekend. and today. so we're going to start to notice that humidity inching back up. it'll lead to a few passing clouds during the day on tuesday and wednesday. warmer days as we head into thursday. at that point, we'll start to say, okay, we can't rule out a shower. a 10% chance. look down there around alligator alley, 1 somewhere
11:49 am
>> i tell you what, it's such a wonderful forecast. we'll take it. any day and everyday. thank you lee. in an 8 on your side medical report. it doesn't take a concussion for a youth football player to experience head problems. researchers at wake forest university studied the impact of head blows to listen to this, after one season of play, players who had the most hits to the head showed changes in brain matter. that helps to connect different areas of the brain. researchers emphasize the players they studied had no signs or symptoms of a concussion. green tea is an increasingly popular drink for health reasons as much as taste. and now a university of tampa professor is studying how green
11:50 am
professor is doing that with the help of students committed to fighting cancer. >> my mom had breast cancer. luckily they caught it early enough. >> university of tampa senior, nicholas, knows too well the importance of cancer detection, prevention, and early treatment. his mom survived her fight with cancer. his grandma did not. the driving force behind his chosen field of study. >> as soon as i heard that the doctor was doing research on cancer. i immediately could. >> he's one of several current and former university of tampa students working with a professor studying the cancer fighting properties of green tea. they help by growing prostate cancer cells like these and treat them with a green tea extract. this extract. when they treat mice or human beings with it, it reduces the prostate caner risk and burden of the prostate tumors.
11:51 am
smaller tumors. >> the group of researchers want to know why. closely looking at how the green tea extract interacts with the prostate cancer cells. the information could lead to advances in therapeutic and intervention methods. the doctor is a big believer in green tea. in fact, he doesn't just study it. he drinks it too. and as they see their work develop, research results pending, his students are also becoming green tea fans. >> it opened my eyes that green >> they have work to do in the lab. but they'll present their research to the american association for cancer research in april. reporting at the university of tampa. gene ramirez, news channel 8. good stuff, gene, thank you. bill murry is a diehard cubs fan, what he had to say about the team making it to the world series. a history making moment. and for bill murry as well as he received a special honor
11:52 am
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medea spooked mr. and mrss this weekend -- spooked mr. and mrss this weekend. spooked many this weekend. and jack reacher never go back came in second. and the horror flick, oigi origin of evil. comedian and actor bill murray was honored last night. he's prize for american humor at the kennedy center in washington dc. that's the nation's top honor for comedy. and he deserves it. he's had a lifetime of talent. at the event, bill murray couldn't resist talking about the cubs' historic win. >> if you don't know what it's like to wait your whole life for the team you root for to win, you can't explain it. i watched the people on sport center try to talk about it. they're not close. they don't get it at all. they have no idea.
11:56 am
time they won was before television. sort of. that's one aspect. >> on friday bill murray stopped by the white house and fielded questions about the cubs at the president's podium. and check it out, he was dressed in his cubs hat and jacket. those souvenirs by the way are flying off the shelves. they can barely unpack the boxes to get them out. >> if you've been waiting your whole life, all you want is something that says we were at the world series. everyone. beautiful outside here. 75 degrees at the iness brook golf and spa resort. garrett, feel better sweetie, we love you. make it a great monday.
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